IRCA (The International Radio Club of America) is a club devoted to the hobby of hearing distant stations on the AM broadcast band (510-1720 kHz). DX Monitor, the official publication of IRCA, is published 35 times a year, weekly from October to March, twice in September and April, and monthly from May to August. DX Monitor contains members' loggings, articles on radio stations, receiver reviews,technical articles, DX tips, and other material of interest to BroadcastBand DX hobbyists. IRCA is a member of ANARC, the Association of North American Radio Clubs.

Yearly dues are as follows(all in US$):

DXM (Electronic version): $5 (for the first year) Worldwide, $0 (subsequent years – i.e. renewal, rejoin(check w/secretary/treasurer concerning correct current information)(Worldwide as well)

For a sample copy of IRCA's electronic DX Monitor send an e-mail to:

Phil Bytheway

For more information, dues, or address changes, Please email:

Or mail:
The International Radio Club of America (IRCA)
P.O. Box 60241
Lafayette, LA USA 70596


Click here for a membership form and some more information about IRCA.

For your convenience, dues can also be paid using Paypal ( - payments can be made to using a major credit card or an electronic draft. ***IMPORTANT: When joining this way, please be sure to include your membership information in the Paypal comments; YOU CANNOT BECOME A MEMBER WITHOUT AN EMAIL ADDRESS!!*** Or, you can send a filled-out membership form to


Also, you may be interested in joining our FREE mailing list, [irca].  Not all members of IRCA post to [irca]; it isn't a requirement that you be a member, but some feel it is an excellent addition to club membership for staying as up-to-date with current DX conditions as possible.

There are a few guidelines for [irca]:

First - WELCOME to all who have just joined, for whatever reason! It's great to have you in [irca]!!

Next - IRCA provides this e-group as a service to all, not just club members; please keep in mind that the mailing list is NOT the club and vice versa - please don't discuss club business on [irca], as it's not fair to non-club members. Send your concerns or comments about the club to either IRCA president or the IRCA BOD.
Here is a gentle reminder about postings in this group, approved by the club's board of directors:
Please, be civil, no personal attacks(or attacks on groups of people, for that matter) - while they might be "interesting", this is not place for them. Take it to private e-mail. If you get your messages by e-mail, look at the header of a message for the "From:"field - that contains the author's e-mail address. Send your flames to that address, not [irca]. Consistent offenders against this policy will be asked to leave the list.
- When posting to [irca], make sure your message has some radio-related content in it, be it about a station, DXing in general, a receiver, IRCA, another radio club, etc. Please, this isn't the place for chit-chat. If you need to send a message that has nothing to do with radio, consider sending it directly to the person (or a group of people) you're talking to. You may need to change where your message is addressed to; if a message is going to the whole group, "" will be in the "To:" field ( or "Mailing list for the International Radio Club of America ", but the address is all that's important in this case). If you wanted to send a message directly to a particular individual, say, instead of the group, you'd have to change that "To:" field to their e-mail address, say, To find that address, again, look at the headers of the message, and you'll find that address with their name. E-mail programs vary widely in what they allow you to do, but the Internet headers on a message are a standard - you should be able to find these regardless of what program you're using.
Any questions about these guidelines? Don't hesitate to ask!