The 2019 IRCA Convention will be held on September 5, 6 and 7 at the
Courtyard by Marriott Seattle Southcenter, 400 Andover Park West,
Tukwila, WA  98188. Registration is Free. Banquet (TBA) will be paid for
individually by attendees. Guest room rate is $109 plus tax. Guests are
encouraged to share a room and save. Phone number(s) for room
reservations are 800-321-2211 or 206-575-2500. You must mention
International Radio Club of America Convention to get this rate. Hotel
is 2 miles east of Sea-Tac Airport. There is also an Amtrak station in
Tukwila just Northeast of the hotel. Parking at hotel is free. There are
many restaurants and stores nearby and inside the hotel. Other amenities
include business center, pool, free Wifi, etc.... Visitors bureau is
online at Your host for this event is Mike Sanburn
  Here is the reservation link your guests can use to make online
reservations: Reserve online. If you have questions or need help
with the link, please do not hesitate to ask. We appreciate your
business and look forward to a successful event. Individuals may also
call toll free, 1-800-359-8233, refer to group code "IRC".
There’s still time to register (free) for the IRCA Convention in Seattle. Our DX conventions of
recent memory have been very useful for those interested in furthering their knowledge of tech
developments in the DX world.
Seattle proves the point:
· Over-the-Pole reception
· Cutting-edge use of phasers, loops, BOGs including antenna shoot-outs
· “Life as a DX-er”
· "DX-ing in Japan" as experienced by DXers attending from Japan
· Ultralights, FSLs and hot-rod portables
· DX reports from antenna sites some of us only dream about
It’s all part of IRCA Seattle 2019. Plan to spend some quality time with your fellow DX-ers, ask
questions, and contribute your knowledge on these topics as well!
(Please send to Mike Sanburn -

Contact Info (Email/mailing address):

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Need a Ride (hotel provides shuttle van)?
IRCA conventions have been held in many cities across the country and in Canada at about any time of year, though most often in the summer. Here is a by-year list:
1964 Dauphin Island, AL (near Mobile, AL)(Aug. 21-24)(Hosts: Alex Bowab, Park Barton, Dan Phillips)
1965 San Diego, CA
1966 Milwaukee, WI
1967 Denver, CO
1968 Hollywood, CA
1969 Chicago, IL
1970 Vancouver, BC
1971 Toledo, OH
1972 San Diego, CA
1973 Hammond, IN
1974 Seattle, WA (July 19-21)(Host: Bruce Portzer)
1975 Columbus, OH
1976 San Francisco, CA (Hosts: Ric Heald, Rich Segalas)
1977 Indianapolis, IN
1978 Portland, OR
1979 Peoria, IL
1980 Louisville, KY
1981 Calgary, AB
1982 Moline, IL
1983 Seattle, WA (July 1-4)(Host: Bruce Portzer)
1984 Toledo, OH (Host: Gary Siegel)
1985 Portland, OR (Host: Bill Block)
1986 West Palm Beach, FL (Host: Ted Fleischaker)
1987 Peoria, IL (Host: John Clemmer)
1988 Louisville, KY (July 29-31)(Host: Ted Fleischaker)
1989 Sacramento, CA (June 30-July 2)(Host:Ric Heald)
1990 Knoxville, TN (Oct. 5-7)
1991 Monterey, CA (Nov 1-3)(Host: Jim Hilliker)
1992 Huntsville, AL (Aug 21-23)(Hosts: JD Stephens, Lynn Hollerman)
1993 Billings, MT (June 25-27)(Host: John Johnson)
1994 Aberdeen, WA (Aug. 26-28)(Host: Bill Hardy)
1995 Boise, ID (July 14-16)(Host: Frank Aden)
1996 Ocala, FL (July 19-21)(Host: Lee Freshwater)
1997 Costa Mesa, CA (July 25-27)(Host: Mike Sanburn)
1998 Missoula, MT (Aug. 14-16)(Host: Larry Godwin)
1999 Las Vegas, NV (June 25-27)(Host: Mike Sanburn)
2000 Billings, MT (Aug 25-27)(Hosts: John and Nancy Johnson)
2001 St. Louis, MO (Aug. 24-26)(Host: Mike Sanburn)
2002 Seattle, WA (Aug. 16-19)(Host: Phil Bytheway)
2003 Portland, ME (June 27-29)(Host: Mike Sanburn)
2004 Boise, ID (July 23-25)(Host: Frank Aden)
2005 Anaheim, CA (Aug. 25-27)(Host: Mike Sanburn)
2006 Seaside, OR (Sept. 22-24)(Host: Patrick Martin)
2007 Salt Lake City, UT (Aug. 24-26) (Host: Mike Sanburn)
2008 Flagstaff, AZ (Sept. 12-14) (Host: Bill Block)
2009 Albuquerque, NM (Sept. 17-19) (Host: Mike Sanburn)
2010 Seaside, OR (Sept. 24-26) (Host: Patrick Martin)
2011 Colorado Springs, CO (June 23-26) (Host: Mike Sanburn)
2013 Minneapolis, MN (Aug. 1-4)(Host: Mark Durenburger) (Joint NRC/IRCA/Minneapolis DX Club/WTFDA convention)
2014 Billings, MT (Sept 19-20)(Hosts: John and Nancy Johnson)
2015 Ft. Wayne, IN (July 10-12)(Host: Scott Fybush)(Joint NRC/IRCA/WTFDA/Decalcomania convention)
2016 Kansas City, MO (Sept. 9-11)(Joint NRC/IRCA/WTFDA/Decalcomania convention)
2017 Reno, NV (Aug. 17-19)(Host: Mike Sanburn)(Joint Decalcomania/IRCA/NRC convention)
2018 St. Charles, MO(Sept. 7-8)(Host: Ken Hawkins)
2019 Tukwila, WA(Sept. 5-7)(Host: Mike Sanburn)(Joint IRCA/DecalcoMania Convention)